We're not dead yet! We feel fine!

Time now in the Field of Reeds:


Many people have crossed paths with us, donated time or food or art, or even became part of the collective for a short time, and then moved on, without leaving us enough material to point to and offer credit.

  • Thoth I: Our first sysadmin, and arguably still the master. He's gone on to other projects, many of which have gone a whole lot further than any of ours.
  • Puck: He was always good for something, when he was around... the thing was, it wasn't usually the thing you were asking for, when you were asking for it. The madpony is his image.
  • Sokar: He proposed some good ideas, but wasn't around long enough to see any of them implemented.
  • Soup: Because I don't care how cool you think you are, you are nothing without a wiseass midget. Soup was ours, and he spent a good bit of time helping Inci with the station. RIP.
  • Tree Bob: ...who will hopefully never notice that we've named him here, but without him, we'd never have taken up whiskey! I'm still covering the piano legs, man.
  • Twig: He helped out with the Incidental Radio project, and he's usually good for calling a spade a spade. Sometimes, we need that... in spades.

Are you not on this list? Should you be on this list? ... ... This list is nothing like complete. It's the handful of people I could think of off the top of my head in like five minutes, so this link wouldn't 404. There will be more list later.