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Time now in the Field of Reeds:

The Other Day Upon the Stair

I met a man who wasn't there...

The following resources no longer exist, we can't find them, or they have been pulled for reasons best left unexplained. Were we originally responsible for them? Yes, but not everything survives server transitions, harddrive crashes, and lunatic exes.

  • The Church of Entropic Apotheosis (This needs certain personal information removed, before we can allow it to go live again.)
  • Incedental Radio (Is wholly and entirely gone.)
  • The Void (I have no idea if this still exists at all. Most of it was pre-1999 content, from Nephy. Some of it may be collected in Birdland.)
  • The Extended Void (I'm pretty sure we have a copy of this, somewhere, but I don't know where, and it badly needs to be sanitized before we re-release it.)
  • Ywain's Original Ars(e) Poetica (I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist any more, which is a pity, because with the illustrations, it was funny as hell.)