We're not dead yet! We feel fine!

Time now in the Field of Reeds:

Meet the DeviTechs

Finally we'll get around to introducing you to those of us who will stand still long enough to show off. Not that that's many...

Nephthys Lemures

Nephthys owns groundLine, or at least she owns the domain. If you want someone to pelt with rocks when things go horribly wrong, you want Nephthys.

Thoth II

Thoth II is our sincerely insane sysadmin. He does bite, and you have been warned. His accomplishments, so far, are few, but the site looks a wee bit less like crap, now.

Ywain the Bastard

The Bastard is ... just that. Don't let his ability to remain politic convince you he's polite. He writes voluminous quantities of fiction, makes shiny art-things, and is the lead developer for the Snowed Inn RPG. Other people on that team are not currently listed, because they prefer some level of anonymity, due to the content.


Bast intends to provide DinnerSource with her family's most interesting recipes. It will be a good thing, we think. We're all quite hungry.

Moghendhim Phandri

Moghs is a Writer, and I mean that with a capital "W". It's not so much that he's creative as that he occasionally gets hijacked by creativity and it won't let him sleep until he accomplishes something. Moghs is responsible for D20 Ostia and Ostian Adventures, the comic based in it.

Jon England

England is the diet pye-rat. He's a more talented artist than he gives himself credit for, and is the other half of the responsibility for Ostian Adventures. Don't poke him with sticks, or we'll never get another comic out. (DO NOT POKE!)


This one's a strange kitten... an artist and poet who grew up in the wasteland, eating its own dreams. Mad as a hatter, but it's got good text.


Inci, aka DJ Incidental, is the proud mastermind behind our Incidental Radio subsidiary. (which has since died.) The station began as a two-hour a week 80's show, and has expanded into the business of giving airtime to Albuquerque bands for a stupidly small fee (which largely consisted of 'look! free airtime! don't sue us!').