We're not dead yet! We feel fine!

Time now in the Field of Reeds:

Frequently Arsed Questions


Q: Who is Nephthys Lemures?
A: Nephthys holds held the title "Chief Content Executive", meaning that the assortment of garbage on this site is all her fault. Nephthys has since retired, leaving the site to Thoth II (*waves*) and Sokar.

Q: Who is Thoth?
A: Thoth, named for the Egyptian god of magic, is our Systems Administrator. He gets to fix things when we break them in horrific fashions. It's more of a title, than a name. The original Thoth retired, years ago, and has since been replaced by Thoth II.


Q: Are there any events planned for the near future?
A: No. GOD no. But if there were, they'd show up on the highly theoretical calendar of events that Nephthys hasn't finished. Thoth is probably going to link off of Google.


Q: What's the New Dominion?
A: The New Dominion is a Nation-State of Mind. It's a lot less where we live than why and how we live. Compare to the National Republic. (Which seems to have graduated from college, at last... Link when I find the new one.)

Q: Where is West Egg?
A: West Egg, if you ask F. Scott Fitzgerald, is in Long Island. However, after some debate, it has been adopted for the state of New Mexico. Why? Well, mostly it's the suggetion of an insular and incestuous society of social climbers. If you've ever been here, you understand. Occasionally, West Egg is also referred to as The Wasteland, as in T.S. Eliot's famous poem -- another exceedingly accurate moniker for this place.

Q: Can we visit you?
A: Uhm, it's really ill advised.


Q: When are you sods going to finish fixing the site?
A: When we get there. No, really, I have no earthly idea. Thoth II speculates that some major repairs will be taking place over the next couple of months.


Q: Why does this place even exist?
A: Nephthys had a great idea. It was then very poorly executed. When in doubt, blame Nephthys. *dodges an ashtray*


Q: How are you building this rubbish heap of a site?
A: In Dreamweaver MX, not because Nephthys can't hand-code, but largely because she is far to lazy to do so. Thoth is back to hand-coding it in SciTE, because it is made of win.