We're not dead yet! We feel fine!

Time now in the Field of Reeds:

Down the Rabbithole!

An Assortment of Rubbish!

Nephthys, Thoth, and an assortment of others have passed through the collective, since we got started in 1999. Our latest addition is Bast, who keeps promising to add to the in-house recipe archive, but we're all kind of lazy where that's concerned. In fact... we're all kind of lazy, fullstop. Projects start, no-one's interested, projects die. This is mostly an archive of things we've kicked around, over the years -- some worse than others.

What's With the Menus?

So, to make sure that shit loads appropriately, we've adjusted the menus as follows: If it starts with ♥, it'll open right here, where you're looking. If it starts with ∞, it'll open in a new tab, either because it's too big to fit in this div, or because it's in the 'Other People's Toys' menu and doesn't belong to us. Strikethroughs mean the content isn't there, and the link will lead to a page explaining why.

What's Worth Seeing?

God only knows. Some of the RPGs have some decent background plot that's not a horrible read. A few of the forgotten projects are astounding examples of bad web design of the late 1990s. Most of our work deals in RPGs, literature, and other examples of fictional world-building. There's nearly nothing here that should be taken as actual fact of any sort. Some projects were schoolwork. We'll let you guess which ones. Really, unless you're actually part of the collective, I'm going to point at that last menu, there... Other People's Toys. There are some fantastic time-wasters in there, and tools and toys we've used for stuff... or wanted to use for stuff that never got off the ground.