These are the inhabitants of the Planes of Ostia. The Planes are listed in pairs, as the light and dark planes are identical, but opposed. You will find information on both the Good and Evil creatures on the same page.

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The Inhabitants of the Planes:
  1. Golgotha
    1. Deities
      1. Dahak, Lord of Frenzy (Chaotic Evil)
      2. Dinah, Lady of the Law (Lawful Neutral)
      3. Iblis, Lord of Retribution (Lawful Evil)
      4. Isda, Lady of the Harvest (Neutral Good)
      5. Kafziel, Lord of Solitude and Tears (True Neutral)
      6. Mairyah, Lady of Death (True Neutral)
      7. Memeth, Lady of Resurrection (Lawful Neutral)
      8. Mihr, Lady of Love and Friendship (Chaotic Neutral)
      9. The Twins (Monkhar & Nakir), Lords of the Gift (Neutral Evil)
      10. Voeil, Lady of Purity (Neutral Good)
    2. Nobles
      1. Doumah, Baroness of Kentlake
      2. Elizabeth, Countess of Ravenswood
      3. Kezef, Baron of Midian
    3. Scholars
      1. Atva of Kentlake Mnemostic
      2. Daria of Kentlake Mnemostic
  2. Yesod
  3. Hod
  4. Netzach
  5. Tiphereth
  6. Chesed
  7. Geburah
  8. Binah
  9. Chokmah
  10. Kether
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