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Places in The Wonderful World of What the Fuck can be anything from a famous restaurant to an important city, from a trackless wasteland to a busy river. A place must have some value to the setting, but is otherwise any area that people have named that isn't a nation. Nations are political entities, better handled in Category:Nations.

A place page must contain Template:Place! Fill in as much information as seems relevant. Not all information will apply to all places. Zone designations should use the colours below.

Use the following colours to indicate the applicable zone:

#CCE6E6 #8A9A5B #C19A6B #CC7722 #80CCCC
Sky Land Cavern Below Underwater

If a place is under construction, add Template:Construction/Place to the top of the page.

Under construction icon-orange
Place Under Construction
This place is under construction, and may not be ready for use. If you use this place in any other pages, expect that the details or name may need to be changed, later.

Suggestions for Places

  • Oceans!
  • Rivers
  • Ancient ruins
  • Cities
  • Autonomous regions
  • Temples in the wilderness
  • Holy places

Pages in category "Places"

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