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  • This is the square projection version. I also have a Mercator, if you prefer that.
  • Colour is by elevation, not by climate/temperature/biome! The lowest points are dark green and the highest points are dark brown, except for two mountain peaks that are white.
  • This is a jpg, I also have a nastily converted eps of the original tiny-ass bmp, if you need a vector file for something (like adding the rivers). I strongly advise generous use of the blur tool, before saving to a raster format. It ... needs it.
  • RIVERS. You will notice this map has none. The generator that created it doesn't *do* rivers. If you put in a river, please pay attention to how rivers actually work. It should begin on higher ground and end either in a body of water or by passing underground. If an entire river gets sucked into the caverns, please make that clear in your annotations.
  • The grid is 18 squares high by 36 wide, and A12 and JJ12 are the same landmass.
  • As you develop cultures and nations, please add locations to the map! Or at least identify the grid squares those places should be in, and I'll put them in. Feel free to blow up just the part of the map you want to work with and make a sub-grid!
  • This map was made with Planet Map Generator, seed 10544798.