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The Republic of Test
Motto We break it so you don't have to
Anthem Modem tones
Capital My desk
Language(s) PHP
Ethnic groups Other
Government Dictatorship
Population 1
Currency Expletives (Ex.)
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Fortress of Birds
Sky location
Country Republic of the Winds
Type Military Installation
Ruler Commander Squawk
Notable locations None
Notable characters Some military dudes
Population 220
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Test Language
Test (/tɛst/)
Language Family Bullshit
  • Mic Test
  • Testicles
Signed Forms Keypress
Written Forms Latin
Region Some places
Primary Official Language The Republic of Test
Minority Status Testonia
Ethnic Groups Developers
Native Speakers 1
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A Thing
Thingywhatsit (???)
Native Zone Sky
  • Thingistan
  • East Thingistan
Majority Population Regions
  • Western Deepwater, Wetplace
  • A Thingy Cliff, High Mountain
Major Religions
  • The Veneration of Thing
  • Stuffism
Native Language(s)
  • Thinglish
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