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This language seed will produce something that feels like it's in the same family as Latin.

Note: LangMaker has only basic Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation, meaning extended ASCII and UTF-8 cannot be displayed by the program. For that reason, certain diacritics are replaced with punctuation in the New Language Wizard and seed files. In the final version of your language, please convert these back to the appropriate diacritics. If you need to copy the letters to Find/Replace, you can find a list here.

LangMaker Diacritic
/ acute (á)
\ grave (à)
^ circumflex (â)
 : umlaut (ä)
~ tilde (ã)
- macron (ā)

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Patterns: Vowels (V) Consonants (C) Biliterals (B) Finals (F)
CVCF a b lp a
CVBF a c lt us
CF a c lc um
VCV a c lb is
VCV a c ld ere
VCVCV e c lg ere
VCVCV e d lv ir
VCF e d ln ari
VCVCF e d mp eri
VCVCF i d nt i
VBV i d nc iri
VBV i f mb are
VBF i f nd e
CVCF i f ng ans
CVCF o g nf ens
CVBF o h ns iens
CVBF o h nx ar
CF o j nqu or
CVCF u l nv ir
CVCF u l pl er
CVBF u l cl ur
CVBF a m bl atio
CF a m dl atio
VCF e m gl as
VCF e m pr as
VCF i n tr is
CVCF i n cr is
CVCF o n br os
CVCF o n dr am
CVCVCF u p gr em
CVCVCF u p fl alis
VCVCVCF ae p fr alis
VCVCVCF oe p pt alis
VBF ei qu sp alia
VBF au r st ix
CVCF au r sc ex
CVBF eu r str ator
CVCF r squ etor
CVBF s bs itor
s bt atura
s gn ium
s rp ido
s rt ulum
t rc alum
t rb ilum
t rd amen
v rg rum
v rv ulus
v rn olus
x rx iculus
qu rm itas
qu rs itudo
dv ax
dm idus
dj ilis
xp ilis
xpl ilis
xh abilis
xt eus
xc inus
xtr ius
xs icus
bb ilis
cc alis
dd alis
ff aris
gg aris
ll aris
mm arius
nn anus
mm inus
nn ivus
ll ensis
pp osus
pp osus
rr ianus
rr olus
ss ellus
ss ernus
ss ascare
ss iscare
ss escare
tt atim
tt atus
tt atus
tt atus

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