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Religions in The Wonderful World of What the Fuck should be groups of people who follow similar beliefs about taboos, celebrations, deities (or the lack thereof), and the afterlife. There are usually religious leaders, laws, sacred places, legends that may be collected in a single text, and holidays. Please do not fall into the common trap of associating a religion with an entire race -- a religion may be made up of predominantly people from one race, but 'All mole people believe in [x]' should be avoided.

A religion page must contain Template:Religion! (~~Which may not exist yet, so...~~) Fill in as much information as seems relevant. Not all information will apply to all religions.

If a religion is under construction, add Template:Construction/Religion to the top of the page.

Under construction icon-orange
Religion Under Construction
This religion is under construction, and may not be ready for use. If you use this religion in any other pages, expect that taboos, holidays, deity names, and other information may change later.

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