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Races in The Wonderful World of What the Fuck are the sentient species of the world. Each evolved in a different environment, and may or may not be able to interbreed with other races. Remember that there are no humans in this world, although there are races that could be described as approximately humanoid, in appearance. Skin colours are not constrained by the pale cream to deep brown spectrum. You want to make people pale green to deep blue? Make sure it's appropriate for the environment and go nuts. Feathers? In. Fins? Sure. The only thing we request is that they have at least two limbs with opposable thumbs and at least two fingers, because I don't want to have to design the multi-racial tools for people without hands.

Race pages must use Template:Race. Use the zone definitions below with this template.

Use the following colours to indicate the applicable zone:

#CCE6E6 #8A9A5B #C19A6B #CC7722 #80CCCC
Sky Land Cavern Below Underwater

If a race is still under construction, put Template:Construction/Race at the top of the page.

Under construction icon-orange
Race Under Construction
This race is under construction, and may not be ready for use. If you use this race in any other pages, expect that cultural details, national identities, language, and other information may change later.

Race Suggestions

  • Saltwater pseudo-amphibian people (Dominant race.)
  • Freshwater eel people
  • Albino cavern people
  • Deep Mole People
  • Dragon people of the skies
  • Bird people
  • Flying mammal people
  • Point-eared landies
  • Flightless bird people
  • Bear people

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