How to make a CR2 of V4 that loads with M4's UV maps, and doesn't break the powerloader

(This assumes you have V4 and M4 installed in the default locations. If you installed your stuff somewhere weird, you will probably have to correct some paths in both these instructions and the CR2 file. None of this will work at all, if you don't have M4 and V4 installed.)
  1. Load V4.
  2. Go to the 'Surfaces' tab, and select V4. Clicking the root node should select all the surfaces under it.
  3. At the top right of the tab, there's a little right-pointing arrow button that will open a menu. Click that and select 'Load UV...'
  4. Go to 'Runtime/Geometries/DAZPeople' and select 'blMilMan_m4b.obj'.
  5. When it prompts you, enter a name for the UV map. It doesn't matter what you call it, you'll never see it again.
  6. Go to the 'Advanced' tab under 'Surfaces' and scroll down to 'UV Set'. Make sure the selection is the UV set you just saved, and not 'Default UVs'. At this point, V4's textures should break. There should be white blotches all over the place. That's a good sign.
  7. On the 'Parameters' tab, there's a little right-pointing arrow at the top that will open a menu. Select V4 and then select 'Zero > Zero Figure' from that menu. This prevents hideous stuff from happening to the feet in later steps.
  8. Export V4 as an .obj, with exactly this name: 'blMilWom_v4b_M4Map.obj'. Save her into 'Runtime/Geometries/DAZPeople'. Use the default Poser export option, not the DAZ Studio one, or you'll end up with a hairy giantess.
  9. Right-click the following link and save it as 'Victoria 4-M4Skin.cr2'. Put that in 'Runtime/libraries/Character/DAZ People'.
    Victoria 4-M4Skin.cr2
  10. Save the following image as 'Victoria 4-M4Skin.png'. Put that in 'Runtime/libraries/Character/DAZ People'.
  11. In 'Runtime/libraries/Character/DAZ People', you should also find the file 'Victoria 4.dsb'. Copy that file and name the copy 'Victoria 4-M4Skin.dsb'.
  12. If you're using Categories, now's the time to search for new content. It should find the new CR2.
  13. Load the new CR2! You should see V4 wearing M4's default skin. But, for some bizarre-ass reason, at least on my system, it changes back to the V4 purple bikini, but glitched out, because of the UV maps. You're probably meaning to apply some other M4 texture anyway, so just take the glitchy bikini as a sign it loaded properly.