Waterverse Orion Language Dictionary
An Orion language dictionary developed by Starek and D'nila for the Waterverse.

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p'tobolnnounapple (tree/fruit of genus Malus)food
ʃirlaverbbake (cook or harden by means of dry heat) food
puscnounbanana (plant/fruit of genus Musa)food
jmoilnnounbean (lima/snap/etc.: plant/seed of genus Phaseolus or similar)food
rojnnounberry (small pulpy fruit)food
p'tealbnouncabbage (plant/leaves of sp. Brassica oleracea capitata)food
ŋutajnnouncarrot (plant/root of sp. Daucus carota sativus)food
elinouncoffee (plant/seeds of sp. Coffea arabica)food
naʒlaverbcook (prepare by applying heat) food
χeʒnouncorn, maize (plant/seeds of sp. Zea mays)food
irascnouncucumber (Cucumis sativus)food
ŋaofnoundate (tree/fruit of sp. Phoenix dactylifera)food
luajnnounfig (tree/fruit of genus Ficus)food
filbnounflour (grain-powder)food
mūjnnoungarlic (herb of sp. Allium sativum)food
p'tonnounginger (plant/rhizome of genus Zingiber)food
ŋeamnounginseng (plant/root of genus Panax)food
ŋeŋnoungourd (plant/hard-rinded fruit of genera Lagenaria & Cucurbita)food
ʃiniscnoungrain(s), cereal crop(s) and their seed(s)food
ʃuoŋnoungrape (plant/fruit of genus Vitis)food
mlescnounjelly (gelatinous semi-solid material), gelfood
mlailbnounjuice (fluid extracted from something)food
retnounlentil (plant/seeds of sp. Lens culinaris)food
ananounlettuce (plant/leaves of genus Lactuca)food
p'teχnounmandarin, tangerine (tree/fruit of sp. Citrus reticulata)food
lilnnounmeat, fleshfood
ʃailnnounmint (plant of family Labiatae)food
jmirnounmushroom (a complex aerial fleshy fruiting body of a fungus)food
apunounmustard (plant of sp. Brassica hirta / B. nigra / B. juncea)food
ŋūŋnounnut (hard-shelled fruit/seed with separable shell and kernel)food
aeŋnounoat (plant/seed of genus Avena)food
p'temudnounoil (a combustible fatty liquid that will not mix with water)food
p'tuohnounolive (tree/fruit of sp. Olea europaea)food
mlihnounonion (plant/bulb of sp. Allium sepa)food
mluarnounorange (tree/fruit of Citrus sinensis / related spp.)food
tugnounpasta, noodlesfood
ʃolidnounpea (plant/seed of sp. Pisum sativum)food
ŋusnounpeanut (plant/seed/pod of sp. Arachis hypogaea)food
mlōscnounpepper (black -- plant/seed of sp. Piper nigrum)food
teosnounpepper (hot/sweet/bell pepper -- plant/pod of genus Capsicum)food
fiudnounplum (certain trees/fruits of genus Prunus)food
ʃojnnounpot (deep round vessel)food
goʒnounpotato (plant/tuber of sp. Solanum tuberosum)food
nascnounrice (plant/seed of sp. Oryza sativa)food
rudnounsesame (plant/seed of genus Sesamum)food
riodnounsoya, soybean (plant/seed of sp. Glycine max)food
θufnounspice, seasoningfood
gumnounspinach (plant/leaves of sp. Spinacia oleracea)food
lacnounsquash, melon (plant/fruit of genus Cucurbita grown for edible fruit)food
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