Waterverse Orion Language Dictionary
An Orion language dictionary developed by Starek and D'nila for the Waterverse.

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Parts of Speech
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uodnounpackage, packet, parcel0
ŋotnounpaddle, oar (stick with broad end)0
oelbnounpage (one side of a sheet of paper in a book)0
galbnounpalm (of hand)body part
jmaejnnounpan (broad shallow cooking dish)tool
p'tenoŋnounpants, trousersclothes
ŋoenadjparallel 0
nēlbnounpark (public outdoor area)0
baθnounparliament, congress (legislative body of elected officers)relationship
jmoŋnounparty (political), sect (religious)relationship
ialnnounpast (the p~), earlier timetime
tugnounpasta, noodlesfood
aminounpaste (any thick soft dough-like material)0
mlaosnounpatch (a piece used to cover/repair a flaw)0
bannounpattern (apparent systematic interrelationship)0
iχilaverbpause, hesitate, suspend action temporarily 0
mlumaŋlaverbpay 0
ʃolidnounpea (plant/seed of sp. Pisum sativum)food
roʒnounpeace (freedom from fighting or turmoil)0
ŋusnounpeanut (plant/seed/pod of sp. Arachis hypogaea)food
toubnounpen (writing tool that uses ink)tool
mlemalbnounpencil, crayon (writing tool that uses semi-solid substance)tool
ibenounpenisbody part
jmeŋnounpeople (a people), folk, the members of an ethnic group / nationrelationship
mlōscnounpepper (black -- plant/seed of sp. Piper nigrum)food
teosnounpepper (hot/sweet/bell pepper -- plant/pod of genus Capsicum)food
p'teŋlaverbperceive, detect 0
p'toalbnounperiod, era, epochtime
aseadjpermanent, perpetual time
p'tomolnlaverbpermit, allow, let 0
ŋaetnounperson, human being0
eidnounpicture, image0
θusnounpiece (a part broken/cut/separated from something larger)0
faelnounpig, swine (omnivorous mammal of family Suidae)animal
niŋnounpile, heap, stack of things or of a substance0
mlepoŋnounpillow, cushion0
mugnounpine (coniferous tree of genus Pinus)0
mlāθnounpipe (a hard tube for transporting liquid)0
ŋilidlaverbpity, feel compassion toward, feel sorry for 0
aganounplace, locationplace
ʃamnounplan, design0
ŋaegnounplane (flat surface)0
paʒnounplant (a vegetable life-form)0
jmoiθnounplastic (synthetic/processed moldable material)0
mlualnnounplate (shallow dish, usually round)0
p'taefnounplay (performed by actors on stage), drama0
taujnlaverbplay, recreate, frolic 0
p'tiascnounplow (plough)tool
χaunnounplug, seal, stopper0
fiudnounplum (certain trees/fruits of genus Prunus)food
ʃeχnounpod (seed pod)0
ʃeagnounpoison, toxincombat
ŋiʒnounpolarity (electric, magnetic, etc.)0
jminnounpole, stick (long bar)0
afonounpolice (organization to enforce laws)government
mlaiʒlaverbpollute, contaminate 0
hadnounpool, billiardsgame
ruθadjpoor, impoverished 0
jmoebnounposition (location relative to others)place
osoadjpositive 0
jmoubadjpossible (able to happen or be done) 0
poŋnounpost (vertical pole anchored in ground)0
ʃojnnounpot (deep round vessel)food
goʒnounpotato (plant/tuber of sp. Solanum tuberosum)food
sasclaverbpour (cause to flow) 0
p'tojnlaverbpraise, compliment, laud 0
jmuplaverbpray (communicate with god(s)) mythos
rēθadjpresent (existing in the indicated place; contra-absent) 0
cuadnounpresent (the present time; the now)time
ludlaverbpreserve, maintain (keep X in good condition) 0
nieŋlaverbpress (do pressure to; push upon with weight or force) 0
eudlaverbpretend, act, feign 0
ŋaislaverbprevent (keep from happening) 0
mlannounprice, costeconomy
faennounpride (proudness; self-respect)0
mlocnounpriest, clergymanrelationship
euscnounprime ministergovernment
afulaverbprint (to copy marks by pressing inked objects on paper) 0
coudadjprior, preceding, previous, contra-next 0
puaʒnounprison, jailgovernment
p'teiχadjprivate (contra-public) 0
guχnounprize, award0
p'tuajnadjprobable (likely to happen/be) 0
poscnounprocess, procedure0
cuemnounprofit, gaineconomy
bebnounprogress, advancement0
ʃoaplaverbprohibit, forbid, contra-permit 0
tumnounproject, undertaking, venture0
jmūjnnounpromise (a claim about one's future actions), pledge0
uajnnounproof, evidence0
rujnlaverbprotect, defend 0
oujnnounprotest, objection0
foudnounprototype, exemplar, archetype, model (for all Xs)0
χoajnlaverbprovide, supply, furnish 0
ŋuoŋnounprovince (of Canada etc.), prefecture, state (of USA etc.)0
iaʒlaverbpry {British: prize} (raise/open/move with a lever) 0
taescadjpublic (available to most or all persons) 0
ʃūlnnounpublic, populace, the people (as in People's Republic)government
ŋolaʒlaverbpull (draw something toward oneself) 0
ŋoflaverbpunish 0
χaladjpure, unadulterated, uncontaminated 0
jmiebadjpurple colour
θoχlaverbpush (press on something in order to move it) 0
θodlaverbput, place, translocate 0
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