The Underground Palace has been closed for years. The data remains in place as the ruins of a previous dynasty. Yeah, if you give us a decent reason, we'll resurrect the motherfucker, but it had better be a damn decent reason

The Underground Palace is the culmination of a whole lot of shiny geek dreams. It is based on a place of the same name described in Egypt Underground, a story I wrote some ten years back about a bunch of teenagers hacking into a simulation of Earth and establishing themselves as gods. Unfortunately, I only ever finished the first chapter. However, it's still a great read.

In keeping with this theme, we ask that all new players take Arabic and Egyptian names for their characters. Wizards can be easily identified because they're named after the gods.

If you are new to MUSH/MUDing, I suggest indulging in our newbie help files.

You should probably read at least the first chapter of Amberyl's MUSH Manual [all on one page]. For Windows users, I suggest the Pueblo client, formerly by Chaco Software. It has a pleasant interface that makes it easy for anyone with a list of MUSH commands and a passing familiarity with web browsers. I am still researching clients for MacOS and BeOS. If you are a *nix user (you know who you are), and you can't use telnet, I have no pity. Okay, I have a little pity... try TinyFugue.

Enter the Underground Palace: [ Telnet | Java ]

Edgy VonGraeding

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