Actually Hummus for a Change

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This recipe probably needs to be tweaked, as it's off the top of my head


  • Two tins of chickpeas (drain and set aside the liquid)
  • 1-2 T minced garlic (I just buy it in jars, because it's easier on my hands)
  • 1/3c tahini
  • ~2-4T lemon juice (start with 2, add more if it doesn't taste right)
  • ~1/4c olive oil
  • 1tsp cumin

Cooking Instructions

  1. To cut down on the salt, after draining the chickpeas, soak them in hot water for 10-15m, and drain them again
  2. Put olive oil, garlic, cumin, and lemon juice in the blender or food processor. Spin the shit out of it.
  3. About 1/3 of a tin at a time, pour in the chickpeas, spin until v smol bits, scrape to one side before adding more chickpeas on the other side. Stop blender while adding stuff. Eventually, you'll have a bunch of almost smooth chickpeas.
  4. Slop the tahini into that and press it down with a spoon, before starting the blender again. This may take a couple rounds of scraping crap off the sides to get it to mix more easily. (It's easier with a food processor, but you're still gonna be scraping the sides a few times)
  5. It's probably still lumpy as fuck. Add a few spoons of liquid, either from the chickpeas (salty) or just cold tap water. Keep adding liquid, scraping, and spinning, until it hits a consistency you like. Ymmv, here, depending on your expectations of hummus.

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