Blackberry Cheesecake Submitted by: Thoth | Date Added: 29 May 2022


<ul><li><font class="content">1 cup Flour</font></li><li><font class="content">0.5 cups Sugar (granulated)</font></li><li><font class="content">0.5 teaspoons Salt</font></li><li><font class="content">0.3 cups Shortening</font></li><li><font class="content">3 tablespoons Rosewater</font></li><li><font class="content">340 grams Blackberries</font></li><li><font class="content">0.25 cups Rosewater</font></li><li><font class="content">0.25 cups Whipping Cream</font></li><li><font class="content">340 grams </font><font class="content"><font class="content">Cream </font>Cheese<br></font></li></ul>

Cooking Instructions

<p><b>THIS COMES OUT RUNNY. consider adding liquids 1T at a time to filling, to prevent that. This recipe is a bad case of me eyeballing it and overestimating the liquid.</b></p><p>CRUST:<br>Ingredients from flour to salt, inclusive.<br><br>Mix the flour and salt first, then add the shortening and rosewater. Just stick your hands in it and squeeze it until it gets doughy and there's no flour left stuck to the bowl. (You may need another tablespoon of rosewater.) Roll it into a ball and drop it on a flour-dusted table/parchment paper/plastic wrap and roll it out to be ~2" bigger than your pie pan (that's so when you put it in, it'll come all the way up to the edge of the pan). It's not gonna fit right. Don't worry about it, just poke it until it's about right and then tear the edges where they hang over and stick the pieces where it's not big enough and squish them into the existing dough. Then punch holes in it with a fork and toss it in the oven at 350F/180C for ~20m.<br><br>FILLING:<br>Ingredients after salt.<br><br>Mix the sugar and rosewater in a bowl big enough to hold all the berries. Add the berries and stab them with a fork. Mix periodically for fifteen minutes or so. The syrup should start to turn purple. Throw the syrup, but not the berries, in the food processor with about half the cheese, cut into chunks. Spin until smooth. Add the remaining cheese a few chunks at a time and blend. If the cheese is too thick, at any point, add a couple spoons of cream. When you've run out of cheese to add, it's probably time to get the crust out of the oven.<br><br>Pour the cheese gunk into the pie crust and then dump the berries on top. Smoosh that around until it looks about like you want it to and then stick it in the fridge for an hour or two, until it cools. TADA. Pie.<br></p>