Green Bean Casserole Submitted by: Thoth | Date Added: 29 May 2022


<ul><li>2 cans Cream Soup (Mushroom)</li><li>1 teaspoon Pepper (Black)</li><li>0.5 Onions (Yellow)</li><li>2 cans Beans (Green)</li><li>1 tablespoon Teriyaki Sauce</li><li>0.25 cups Cheese (Cheddar)</li><li>2 cups Onion (French Fried)</li></ul>

Cooking Instructions

<p>1. Preheat the oven to 350F/175C<br>
2. Dice fresh onion.<br>
3. Drain tinned beans.<br>
4. Put green beans and condensed soup into large bread pan or medium
casserole dish and mix thoroughly with teriyaki sauce.<br>
5. Add fresh onion, 1c fried onion, shredded cheese, and pepper. Mix thoroughly.<br>
6. Bake for 30m, uncovered.<br>
7. Just before serving, top with remaining 1c fried onion.