Hot Water Pastry Submitted by: Thoth | Date Added: 21 Sep 2022


<ul><li>1/2 c shortening</li><li>2/3 c water</li><li>2 1/4 c all-purpose flour</li><li>1/4 tsp salt</li><li>(optional) swap out 1/4c flour with wheat gluten for chewier dough<br></li></ul><p><br></p>

Cooking Instructions

<ol><li>Boil the water with the shortening in it, until everything is boiling with no lumps</li><li>Measure the dry ingredients into a bowl, 1.5L or larger</li><li>Pour boiling wet ingredients into dry ingredients, mix with fork until it's a touchable temperature, then knead until dough is smooth and all flour is incorporated</li><li>Roll out flat, cut to appropriate sizes, fill, and bake until the filling's done, but the crust is going to be an absolute minimum of 40m @ 180C/350F<br></li></ol>