Zillah, displeased...by Sophia 1996

Welcome To Birdland

The city is called 'Birdland' by those who frequent it. It is a sprawling urban paradise done in shades of blue, and silky jazz music can be heard in every corner of the City of Dreams, which has sidewalks far more spotless than its reputation. In Birdland, anything is possible.

This site is largely the propaganda and creative rippings of several freaks from a small desert community, so if you are not fond of stories and images that crawled out of the deep of primal consciousness, you should probably leave now.

Facing my primal self frightens me, please return me to the Void.

So now that we've conveniently disposed of the unwilling baggage, let us proceed through the dementiae; one layer at a time.

Commentary by Thoth II:
This archive has been publically available since late 1998, in some cases. Nephthys and Sophia collected the texts involved, and in keeping with the wishes (and death threats) from these lovely ladies, I will be cleaning out the bad code and re-releasing the archive, although nothing new will be added.

Sophie's Own
Mine, all mine! Contributions by other freaks of nature can be found in other sections below. Freaks who have submitted one item are listed at the bottom of this section.

The Birdland Symphony
by Sophia, 1999
an introduction to the blue city for all to enjoy.

Nye Theory
by Sophia and Blackhole Boy, 1998
We have explained where all our missing lighters and cd's got to.

The Actor's Tale
by Sophia, 1998
A continuation of Chaucer's tradition.

An Examination of the Human Condition
by Sophia, 1997
Sophia examines the bounds of human stupidity.

The Switch
by C. Elliot Friday, 199?
Friday rambles about the easily manipulable nature of mankind.

by somebody, some point
We have no idea where this came from, but it's pretty neet.

c0demuse Speaks
The c0demuse at last releases some works to the general public! All the works contained here are communications to Puck, the 'muse's other half. Birdland is still trying to get permission to reprint Puck's replies and other works. (Thoth II notes that permission was denied in 2000.)

Messages From Andromeda
by c0demuse, 1998-99
These are the actual letters sent to Puck. Only two are excluded because of their irrelevance and mundane style.

Only Soma
by c0demuse, 1998
The 'muse rants about dentists in very cyberpunk terms.

Lotus Blossoms
LotusEater's mad prose takes form here. She speaks in riddles and circles, only to abandon them for stark, fluid visions of the world.

by LotusEater, 1998
She hadn't slept in quite some time; the results are mad but lovely.

Lotus Laughing
by LotusEater, 1994
LotusEater jumps into the ocean for a class. Effective and stark.

Cracked Mustard
In addition to the letters she wrote to her darling Plum Pudding, the boy in VonGraeding's "Hana to Kohii", Mustardseed is attempting to compile an archive of chaotic battle hymns.

Letters to Ume-kun(removed)
by Mustardseed, 1999
These letters formed the inspiration for Edgy Von Graeding's "Hana to Kohii". For the most part, they are absurd and rambling, but the data provides further insight to Von Graeding's text.

Battle Hymn of Bedlam
transcribed by Mustardseed, 1999
A half-finished transcription of the Battle Hymn of Bedlam; first in a series of installments by mustardseed.

Ride of the Mountain Maid
transcribed by Mustardseed
Not there yet, so don't click it, but coming soon.

Von Graeding's TextSplurge
Looks like Edgy has gotten the jump on me and uploaded his archive of writings before I finished compiling mine...oops! Well, his dementiae entertain me more than my own, so without further ado: the Splurge.

The Morning of Fear and Loathing
by Edgeward vonGraeding, 2000
A strange tale of a brightly lit, brainhazy morning in the Phoenix airport, halfway between Albuquerque and San Jose. Sadly, it's all true.

by Edgeward vonGraeding, 1999
A slowly progressing tale of fate and kipple. Vaguely based in reality.

Hana to Kohii
by Edgeward vonGraeding, 1999
A cyberpunk fantasy about two lovers thousands of miles apart. It's very short.

The Mowzing of Kurt Harland
by Edgeward vonGraeding, 1999
Edgy has read many things written by Kurt and Kurt's rambling style bleeds into this complimentary tale. (Thoth II protests RPS with a violent passion, but bows gracefully to the boss's wishes.)

Nine Hundred Lives of Love
by Edgeward vonGraeding, 1999
A brief journey through time with a brother and sister that not even death can separate. Poignant, yet lacking.

Egypt Underground
by Edgeward vonGraeding, 1999
Every hacker's wet dream. This one reeks of 'The Matrix' but was written in January. Edgy!! Finish it!!

Of Wives and Whores
by Edgeward vonGraeding, 1998
The beginnings of a detective story about a murdered businessman, a hotel desk clerk, and a teenage hooker. The first chapter reveals little.

Sophia '99
all writings contained in this vault are copyright dasMorgæn Enterprises 1999...blah, blah, legal mumbo jumbo...