Amortentia Dolorosa was a short-lived Harry Potter RPG that covered the First Wizarding War, and ran for a short time in 2009-2010. The staff can no longer justify keeping the forum software updated just for archival purposes, so we've saved all the threads out as HTML files, which you can find, here.

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Read Me!
Please read the stickies in this forum before attempting to apply for a character. The bulk of the rules and setting info can be found here.
Questions and Answers
Something not covered in the ReadMe, Rules, or FAQ? Ask your questions here, and we'll try to find you some answers. (You don't need an account to post here.)
Sidebar News
We'll have a sidebar, one of these days, and when we do, the content will come from here. Admin-only posting, but you can read it to see what we're up to.
Character Development
Apparition Licensing
Answer some questions about what kind of wizard you are, and we'll see what we can do for you...
Character Journals
Does your character keep a diary? Some sort of personal account of things that isn't for the eyes of others, but makes for great character development? Post here!
We prefer to keep PMs for OOC purposes, so if you're exchanging letters with another character, feel free to make a thread, here.
Wizarding World
Wizarding London
London, behind the fašade. Every wizard in the British Isles has come here at some point or another.
Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire, England
Malfoy Manor is really the only thing worth visiting in Wiltshire, but it is certainly worth the journey, for any Pureblooded Dark Arts enthusiast. The Malfoy research library is quite extensive.
Hogsmeade, Scotland
A tiny wizarding village, just a few miles up the road from the British wizards' academy, Hogwarts.
Ballycastle, Ireland
An odd and rather fey place, just on the border between County Monaghan and the North. Beware the goats.
Wizarding Versailles
While wizarding power tends to follow muggle power, French wizarding society never left the baroque glory of Versailles.
Thoronet, France
A tiny wizarding town set in the shadow of the French wizards' academy at the Palace of Beauxbatons.
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Wizarding Vilnius
Grand Duke Gediminas dreamt of an iron wolf howling on a hilltop, and there he built what would become the capital of the largest country in Europe for nearly three hundred years -- Lithuania. The finest practitioners of the Dark Arts congregate, here, when they can stand the chill...
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Salem, Eastern Territory, USA
The home of the Salem Witches' Institute and generations of peculiar Puritan-influenced wizardry
Vortex, New Acoma, USA
Deep in the desert, a culture of wizards and magical creatures arose that refused to sign on to the 1692 Statute of Secrecy that controlled most of the Wizarding World.
Non-specific Locales
Anywhere in the Wizarding or Muggle world that we don't have a forum for.
Dark Revels
When Lord Voldemort calls a meeting, it happens here. If you don't have a Dark Mark, you're probably a party favour.
Blood-stained Revelry
If you're going to do something really, extraordinarily disgusting, please do it here. Also, put an [NC-17] flag at the beginning of the title, so no one clicks on it by accident in the Recent Topics.
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OOC Chat
Player Introductions
We know what your characters like, but now we want to know who the (wo)man behind the mask is.
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Plot Bats
Looking to grab a few people for a scene? Have a wild idea, and want to see how people will react, before you do it?
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Want to talk about something that has nothing to do with the Potterverse? Do it here.
HP Books
I think, by now, we've all read Book 7, so I'm just going to trust that spoiler subforums aren't necessary.
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HP Movies
Talk about movies 1 - 5 here. If you've got the scoop on 6, or even 7, check out the spoiler forums.
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Got fanart? Fic? Bizarre postulative essays? Post them here!
Admin Vault
This is a place for the admins to discuss stuff before we inflict it on you guys.
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